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About BDop CYCLING CO., Ltd.
The BDop Cycling Company Ltd. is located in Tainan, Taiwan. BDop Cycling does consumer direct sales outside of Taiwan, OEM sourcing for export as well as ODM.
BDop Cycling Company Ltd has considerable experience doing product testing and development with several Taiwanese manufacturers utilizing alloys, plastics and carbon fiber.
Take a quick tour of the Commercial Offices of BDop Cycling Co., Ltd.
BDop Cycling Company Ltd.
61, Mingxing Rd., South District, Tainan City, 70261 Taiwan
TEL: +886 6 262 9706
FAX: +886 06 262 2183
Taiwan Tax Number: 53508131

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The Quest of Bob Dopolina
The following is a condensed version of THE LEGEND OF BOB DOPOLINA - THE MAN, THE BIKE, THE QUEST. soon to be available on Bantham Books.

Although his exact origins remain shrouded in mystery, historians generally agree that Bob Dopolina started out fixing flats and counting spokes some time in the early eighties in a very busy bike shop in the wilds of Canada. Once he had proven himself to be the best flat fixer and spoke counter imaginable he was taken under the wing of a former Irish National Team rider turned shop Manager named Seamus O'Gant.

Seamus taught him how to wrench, curse, drink and generally annoy the boss. Bob was a fast learner. A few short years later Bob was running his own bike build crew and was eventually promoted to head mechanic supervising 6 poor souls in a shop that grossed nearly 10 million a year, from a single location, in the mid-eighties. No small feat.

Eventually Bob moved on and found himself working for another bike shop with a Shop Manager who's knowledge of the dark side of the wrench was second to none. (NOTE: In some circles there is speculation that this second mentor was a mysterious man named Andy Bedlam but this is still in dispute) Not much is known of this second mentor to Bob only that his brother had a beard and rode the only Carbon Vitus never to have failed. It is rumoured that it was actually he who, during a particularily long and blustery winter, while logging base, passed on to Bob the bike VooDoo.

Several years later, after a particular bad day building no less than 30 Sidewalk Angels, a task that all who knew and now feared Bob agreed was well beneath Bob's ever more powerful abilities, Bob had a vision that would change his life;. Bob decided it was time to set out on his own.

He summoned up the courage and broke free of his mentor. He sold all of his worldly possesions except his bikes, his books and his music. He stuffed what remained of his previous life inside a 1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royal that pointed west. Within a scant 72 hours he had traveled to the other side of that vast, frozen expanse of wilderness known as Canada to become a Shop Manager in his own right. This shop was a high end, high profile deal that catered to Freds and World Champions alike. Here Bob Thrived.

It was at about this time that Bob also came into his own as a racer. Surviving a serious injury he eventually claimed a National Championship. But Bob was not satisfied.

In true Bob Dopolina fashion he set out in search of bigger challenges this time travelling half way around the world to the land of bikes and Bin Lan - Taiwan. Here he quickly established a new Elite Team, began product testing for several high profile bike companies and generally had a good time. His wrenching experience and product knowledge led him to become the Manager of the Campagnolo Service Center for Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Vietnem. He worked with OE factories in support of Campagnolo and Continental AG. He was responsible for handling warrantiy claims for 14 different brands. But still Bob yearned for more. It was time for the next chapter in the saga of Bob Dopolina to begin.

Bob did the only thing he could do; He opened his own company -The BDop Cycling Co., Ltd. - and began sourcing products manufactured in Taiwan for OE and aftermarket customers while he tinkered with ODM. He also began selling consumer direct to North America, Europe and Oceana. And he saw that it was good.

Bob continues on his quest to this day.

As seen on the website: Inc.18 Sept 2009 (emphases added).
Josh Spiro - Sep 18, 2009

Marketers Learn to Talk Like a Pirate

Move over Halloween. Businesses are turning International Talk Like a Pirate Day into a marketing bonanza.
Computer games, t-shirts, bicycle parts, snack foods, you name it, International Talk Like a Pirate Day (ITLPD) has been used to shill it. The impromptu holiday got its official start in 2002 after two friends, John "Ol' Chumbucket" Baur and Mark "Cap'n Slappy" Summers, were catapulted into the limelight by nationally-syndicated humor columnist Dave Barry, who wrote a column on their previously personal celebration.
Baur and Summers thought the hubbub would be short-lived, but seven years later, the holiday is still being widely celebrated each September 19th; in prior Septembers their website, , has received as many as 19 million hits, with visitors from all seven continents.
The continual media blitzes have brought the pirate guys, as they're known to fans, many endorsement offers but scant booty. "We never planned on this being something we could retire on, and we recognize we haven't been at all 'businesslike' about it," Baur says. "We'd like to make tons of money, but only as long as it stays fun."
But while the word monetize might not be in Baur and Summers' pirate vocabulary, others have made the holiday a financial hit. Sarah Shealy, who was an associate director of publicity for Harcourt Children's Books in 2003 used ITLPD to promote the book How I Became a Pirate . "It was when the Pirates of the Caribbean movies were coming out so there was a ton of interest in that, and it was right before Halloween," she says. The book ended up spending forty-nine weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list.
The pirate guys aren't left completely empty handed: they've published Pirattitude , which is in its sixth printing, and The Pirate Life: Unleashing Your Inner Buccaneer . They also sell t-shirts through Cafepress, an online retailer of stock and user-customized on demand products, and make occasional appearance everywhere from Vegas to a New Orleans pirate convention. What they make isn't enough to live off of, but it's great for "beer money," Baur says. "And we can drink a lot of beer."
This year, the pirate guys have partnered with snack maker Pirate's Booty, which is encouraging their customers to have pirate-themed parties this weekend while chowing down on their baked snack treats. Other partners include Flying Lab Software in connection with their online role-playing game "Pirates of the Burning Sea ," and a company called Bibliolife that had Baur and Summers curate a collection of copyright expired pirate books they were republishing.
Other companies make use of the day without even consulting the pirate guys. Some franchises of the Long John Silver's restaurant chain offer special deals on the day and BDOP Cycling, a Taiwanese bike equipment company offers all customers free shipping in celebration. The company jokes on it's website that pirates have seized their shipping lanes.
You might think these unsanctioned tie-ins would bring fearsome scowls to the pirate guys' faces but it's actually just the opposite. "If people want to celebrate the holiday, we want them to do that," says Baur. "We toyed very briefly with copyrights and trademarks, and realized quickly that that's not us."
Still two accidental entrepreneurs can cross their fingers. "My dream is to be the spokesman for Rogue Ale," Baur says. "Hasn't worked out yet, but we live in hope."
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