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Following are the Terms and Conditions that should cover most every situation. If you have any questions or concerns, or can't find the information you are looking for please contact customer service.
When you click the ADD TO CART button you are taken to a secure PAYPAL page to complete your purchase. You will receive an immediate notification from PAYPAL and a shipping confirmation when we ship.
Some purchases require discussion and must be done by email. These are considered SPECIAL ORDERS.Once the details have been settled by email the order process works like this:
1. We send you an invoice and a PayPal payment request,
2. You check the invoice to make sure that the items are correct. If so, you make payment.
3. Once payment is received, we place the order with the factory.
4. The factory confirms the order with us and then we make payment to them.
5. The factory produces the order and ships to us. Depending on the items and the time of year this can take between 10 to 90 days. NOTE: This detail will have been worked out in the initial emails.
6. We receive the order and ship to you.
All payments are made through PAYPAL in US Dollars unless otherwise arranged in advance.
For regular stock items the shipping costs are included in the PayPal statement are are the same WORLDWIDE.
Depending on the value of the goods and the destination orders are shipped via DHL or EMS. DHL orders will arrive within 2~4 business days. EMS orders will arrive within 3~7 business days
DHL is not available for Brazil or Spain.
All shipments include a tracking number that will be forward to the customer at the time of shipping.
If a shipment does not arrive within the stated shipping time BDop Cycling Co. Ltd. will initiate a formal trace in writing from Taiwan. If the results of the trace PROVE THAT THE ORDER HAS BEEN LOST we will send a second shipment at no additional cost to the customer.
BDop Cycling Co., Ltd. will NOT ship replacement orders or offer refunds until the formal trace has PROVEN that the order is lost.
For orders that are delayed by Customs clearance BDop Cycling Co., Ltd DOES NOT have the ability to trace a shipment while being held by Customs or to contact Customs of any country regarding the status of a shipment.
1.All Products are covered for defects in MATERIALS and WORKMANSHIP for a period or 1 year from the date of purchase.
2.Products are NOT covered from damage resulting from crashes, falls, alterations or normal wear and tear.
3. Warranty items should be returned to BDop Cycling Co. Ltd in their damaged condition. Any repairs attempted will VOID THE WARRANTY.
4. Once an item has been determined to be a warranty it will be replaced, at no expense, by BDop Cycling Co. Ltd
5. All shipping will be split 50/50 between the warranty claimant and BDop Cycling Co. Ltd
1. Orders must be paid in full prior to shipping.
2. Payment may be made by PAYPAL or by wire transfer in US dollars.
3. BDop Cycling Co. Ltd. will NOT be responsible for mistakes caused by improper orders.
4. BDop Cycling Co. Ltd. WILL be responsible for shipping errors. Shipping costs, in this instance, are the responsibility of BDop Cycling Co. Ltd
BDop Cycling Co. Ltd sources goods made in Taiwan for export to all other markets.For sourcing inquiries please contact us at our sourcing email
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